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Hafiz Siddiq Darbari was born in Afghanistan, in the city of Kabul.

He was interested in music and singing since childhood, he was a soloist of a music group when he was a pupil.

After he had graduated from school with honours, he was sent to Ukraine to receive higher education.

Being in Ukraine, Hafiz studied at Kharkiv state institute of culture and conservatoire and he had graduated with honors.

Being a student he took part in the cultural life of the universities.

He also was a repeated prize-winner of different international student competitions and festivals.

The conditions in Afghanistan don’t give an opportunity for Hafiz to return to his native land as he has ended the university. He stays in Kharkiv, in the city, where he received his education and which became his second home.

In 2001 Hafiz enters Karazin Kharkiv National University on the department "Journalism". He graduates it with honours in 2005. So he has three degrees.

The singer performs at festivals, concerts and corporate parties now.

Hafiz gets his inspiration from the family. He has a ukrainian wife, son and four daughters.

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